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Coaching Runners of All Abilities to Ultra Marathon Success

Success isn't measured only in podium finishes. Whether it's couch to 5K or couch to ultramarathon, I can help you reach your running goals!

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Sam Hill. Trail and ultra running coach

I can highly recommend Sam to any runner. I've just completed a 100mile challenge in just under 17hrs and although he says it's ‘my legs’ and ‘his plans’ I wouldn’t of been able to run that distance without him.

He got me to the peak just in time and his knowledge of the ‘actual day’ nutrition, pace and what to do when things get tough is invaluable. Everything you need from a coach!

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About Me

I absolutely LOVE running! In all its forms. Whether it’s pushing hard for a 5K time, pushing to the limit on a marathon or 50k, or just meandering with intent across the Peak Districts trails and moors, I will always have a smile on my face.

Aside from coaching runners like you, I am also a writer for running mags, host of the Understanding Ultra Podcast, and founder of the Free Social Trail Run in the Peak District.

I’ve gone from a mid-pack runner to a multi-stage ultramarathon winner, with numerous race wins and course records under my belt.

My need for adventure has led me to try every conceivable training intervention and dietary hack out there. I’ve treated myself as an N=1 experiment and pushed myself to the limit (and beyond at times).

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Over the years I’ve gained the knowledge and insights to not only make myself a faster stronger ultra-runner, but I’ve also been fortunate to help others achieve their ultra-running dreams!

Whether you're a busy mum training for her very first ultra, or a young gun wanting to podium at a major UK ultra, I have the tools to help you get there!

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How I Help you

Don't Waste Time Trying to Make the Wrong Thing Work

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We learn from our mistakes, right? But, what if you could learn from mine? Let me help you avoid the pitfalls and traps I have encountered over 20 years.

Using tried & tested training tools I will help you go from average runner to podium contender!

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‍High volume, low volume, periodised? KETO, Vegan, Vegetarian, LCHF?

When it comes to training & nutrition - what works for one may not work for another. I tailor your plan to fit.

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I'm not exaggerating when I say it was a game changer. Sam took me from a 4 hour marathon runner to a decent ultra marathon runner. He attended and ran my first ultra race (32 miles) which was awesome to have that level of support.

He then continued to coach me for a 70 miler "The wall" and a 145 miler "KACR" I placed 3rd in both events! I think that says it all! I don't believe I'd have had that level of success without Sam's coaching